Dating back to at least the 1600s, tartan has become synonymous with Scottish heritage and identity, with modern manufacturers feeling a strong responsibility to uphold the traditions of quality tailored products that our ancestors began.


One such manufacturer is Lochcarron of Scotland, a company steeped in a long history of tartan and Scottish textiles production.


With a history dating back to 1892, Lochcarron is the world's leading manufacturer of tartan, with four cornerstone words that define their brand: authentic, innovative, creative, and unique. The company has established itself firmly at the top of the tartan world thanks to its artful combination of traditional craftsmanship, with all products proudly made in Scotland, and modern twists on fabrics and accessories, widening tartan’s appeal from kilts to catwalks.


The company produces a wide selection of quality tartan products for international fashion houses, from signature pieces for men’s and women’s clothing to an extensive accessory collection featuring only the finest standard tartan scarves, throws, blankets and furnishings. Latest pieces include a contemporary accessory range, introducing bags and small leather goods with 100% woollen fabrics woven in Scotland.

A Timeless Appeal

Known as a ‘global brand with a timeless appeal’, Lochcarron has successfully propelled Scottish tartan into the international market with buyers at every level; from kilts and accessories in Scotland, to the finest tartan scarves featured in the heights of fashion.


Founded by John Morris Buchan in 1892, Lochcarron of Scotland creates its products with one key goal in mind: to continue to create timeless products with a widespread appeal while upholding a long and vibrant heritage. The company’s own origins can traced back beyond its official founding, to a small weaving shed of one Peter Anderson, a Scotsman from Galashiels well acquainted with the traditional processes required for genuine Scottish tartan.


Now, Lochcarron successfully achieves its goal of combining tradition with innovation, with a skillful combination of adherence to traditional manufacturing methods embroidered with genuine creativity. The results are a range of fabrics and accessories showcasing a variety of materials and patterns, but with tartan remaining firmly at the company’s core.


From a small weaving shed operating in the 1800s, Lochcarron is a now considered a world renowned manufacturer famous for its unique designs and products made to an excellent standard. Lochcarron of Scotland is one of the country’s most successful mills, producing tartan clothing and accessories from the finest cashmere, lambswool and lightweight merinos of unparalleled quality to truly showcase the best of Scottish textiles. 

Only the finest

As Scotland’s leading retailer of cashmere and fine woollens, House of Cashmere stocks only the finest quality products from only the very best Scottish and UK manufacturers. We take a lot of pride and pleasure in working with producers with the traditions and standards of Lochcarron of Scotland, meaning we can bring our customers the very best there is available.